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Vinitaly: the biggest international fair of wine and spirits

The numbers

Vinitaly is the international fair of wine and spirits held every year in Verona since 1967. The event covers more than 95,000 m2, hosts over 4000 exhibitors per year and has an annual presence of about 150,000 visitors. The event hosts producers, importers, distributors, restaurateurs, technicians and journalists from all over the world.

Over the years Vinitaly has evolved and today includes laboratories, a club for buyers, as well as spaces specifically dedicated to the promotion of Made in Italy and intended to make known the emerging realities.

In addition to the conferences, competitions and international prizes are organized. Among the most famous: the International Wine Competition and the International Packaging Competition. In addition, the Vinitaly International Prize, together with the International Wine and Spirit Competition, promotes the dissemination of wine culture in the world.

The first years of Vinitaly

On 22 and 23 September 1967, the Palazzo della Gran Guardia hosts the Italian Wine Days. Many see at this moment, the official birth certificate of Vinitaly. Two years later, 130 wineries are called to exhibit their products. It was only in 1971 that the fair became Vinitaly – Salone delle Attività Vitivinicole – and a product section was added, dedicated to machinery, equipment and products for wine making.

In 1978, Vinitaly became “international” and opened its doors to foreign wineries. In the following years several events were born which will become very important with the years: the Salone dell’Oliva, then SOL, Distilla, the Grappa, Brandy and Distillates Show, (in 1995 it will become an integral part of Vinitaly), the International Wine Competition, which has since become the most selected and the most popular in the world, with an average of 90 medals awarded with more than 3,600 wines from around 30 countries.

In 1996, the International Packaging Competition was created, which rewards the best wine garment. With the end of the Nineties, the fair opens to the world: China Wine is organized, Veronafiere exports Wine & Oil to Singapore, the Vinitaly US Tour is launched in Chicago and San Francisco and participation in the Italian food and wine exhibition in Mumbai is confirmed. in India.

The 2000s

In 2006, after forty years, Vinitaly expands its presence on foreign markets: Vinitaly Japan (Tokyo), India (Mumbai and New Delhi), Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow), Vinitaly US Tour (Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas) and Vinitaly China (Shanghai).

Subsequently, after the positive experience in 2008 with Agrifood Club, the Exhibition of quality agro-foods, it was definitively decided to expand trade sectors targeting interested international operators beyond wine with Vinitaly and extra virgin olive oil with Sol to all “Made in Italy” agro-foods.

In 2012, the fair is renewed and reduces the opening days to 4; also changes the weekly cadence, which passes from the traditional Thursday-Monday to Sunday-Wednesday. In 2016, Vinitaly celebrates its first 50 years. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella inaugurates the fiftieth edition: it is the first time in the history of the fair.

After 22 years the International Wine Competition, the most selective in the world, becomes the 5 Star Wines International Award, to be awarded only to wines that reach and exceed 90 cents in the opinion expressed by committees composed of international experts specialized by geographical area of ​​origin of wines.

In 2017, they are organized by Sol & Agrifood, EVOO Days are created, the first forum for training and the creation of a network of knowledge and relationships in the extra virgin olive oil supply chain.

(Information taken from the official website)

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